Margareta Skantze in search of women's history

Foto: Mats Kockum

I am a Swedish playwright and director specialised in women’s history. I am married and mother of three grown up boys with families of their own. I live in a strange and beautiful town in the south of Sweden: Karlskrona, a naval city built in the 17th century with Rome serving as an architectural pattern, now classed as World Heritage by UNESCO. I moved here with my husband Patrik, native of Karlskrona, from Stockholm. Migration is something that also happens inside one’s own country. Meeting with Karlskrona and its predominant male structures aroused my great interest in women’s history!

I have written some fifteen plays portraying passionate, dedicated, strong and wilful women from different periods and different parts of the world. You can see a cavalcade of these women who have inspired my work for some four decades. Most of them I have portrayed in my writing, some still remain. All my plays are based on thorough research, a lot of reading, a lot of thinking. My overall idea is to find “a feminine line” through history. I also stage most of my plays myself together with a group of women gathered in the constellation TEATER KONTUR.