My dreams and hopes

Foto: Mats Kockum

My dream is to find and describe women’s lost history. The world needs dialogue and in this dialogue the female voice and the female experience is of utter importance. We need to find the feminine face of God to give new qualities to the dialogue between people of different faiths and religions. We need feminine voices in creating peace, understanding and forgiveness.

Many of the women whom I am portraying in my plays have been dedicated to these issues. Studying their lives has been a source of continuous inspiration to me, both on a personal and a professional level.

I have become increasingly interested in medieval Europe, falsely described as a dark and dull period in the history of mankind. But from a feminine perspective this was not so. There were many singularly strong and visionary women during these centuries working for what we would nowadays call social welfare. They were strong advocates for peace and economic justice.

This goes especially for the 12th century, sometimes called a European Renaissance with female overtones. It is the era of the great cathedrals, meeting with the Orient, era of the beautiful love poems sung by the troubadours, an era marked by the worship of La Dame, The Lady, an era marked by a search for a deeper dimension of human life. The 12th century could be described as a tremendous project bringing back the lost feminine aspect. I want to revive the memory of this era, I want to find inspiration from this process which sadly was halted in the 13th century. I want to find the path to what once underlay the European Unitarian idea: the tolerant climate of ideas, the quest for knowledge, the openness and – last but not least – the great dialogue between Jews, Christians and Moslems. To this trinity of faiths we should also add the atheists, the private religious and those who stumble in the dark.