Black Madonna

In 2006 I wrote Black Madonna, about the mother of Jesus. This play I also staged in Holy Trinity Church in Karlskrona. I was a big production involving some sixty people and a great success. Seven sold out performances.

Black Madonna tells the life story of Mary, mother of Jesus. We meet her as a middle-aged woman, mother of eight children, a widow struggling to keep her family together under the pressure of Roman occupation. Mary endures the most severe of all sorrows, the loss of her child. Starting at the foot of the cross it shows her life by means of a series of flashbacks forming a circular movement which at the end brings us back again to the starting point of the play. The construction of the play follows the same pattern as the mystery plays of ancient days presenting a woman’s descent into darkness followed by her ascent into a new spiritual strength.

The music played an important part in the production. It is composed by two women: Astrid Selling Sjöberg and Elisabeth Ekman.